Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Contrast Photography

 The purpose of this contrast picture was to display the different tones and values of red in contrast of the white/transparent water droplets. 
 Dichotomy is described to be two parts of a whole so the purpose of this composite was to show tow parts of a person's personality. 
For negative I used the invert option on photoshop on a pair of hands on a black background. Usually hands pointing or gracefully posed are connected with Biblical references so the use of inversion negates the orthodox. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Photo Challenge

I decided to focus mainly on jewelry and the first object in my case was a pendant encapsulated with circles.  I didn't have a special stand to place it upon so I used my hand to focus it on.

I took one of my mom's wedding rings and chose this one because the connecting lines between the diamonds. I was debating between line and symmetry, but it looks the best under line because they're  ever so separated. 
The infinite sign is well-know for being the same on both sides and I noticed I had a ring that had the symbol. I placed it on a blue tarp and waited until overcast to take this photo. 
I couldn't find the inspiration to take a half picture and all of my jewelry didn't represent half to tie in with the theme. I went into photoshop and created a simple half image and submitted it 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

7-10 Best ATPI images

My ATPI images were taken throughout the first 3 months before the contest date. This year, I wanted to challenge myself by creating more studio portraits and different lighting styles. We went downtown to shoot architecture not so long ago and I was stunned by how difficult that style of photography is. I prefer to do out of school photography or assignments that are vague in nature. So far the process has been stressful, but under those environments, I perform my best. 
Title: Bleu
Category: Architecture
Strength: Angles / color

Title: Paint it, Black
Category: Studio Portrait
Strength: Lighting

Title: Rojo
Category: Studio Portrait
Strength: Focus
Weakness: Crop

Title: Journal Entry
Category: Thematic
Strength: Composition

Title: Channel Gruene
Category: Informal Portrait
Strength: Color/ posing

Title: Striped
Category: Informal Portrait
Strength: Composition
Weakness: Background

Title: Triangle
Category: Architecture
Strength: Clarity

Title: White
Category: Informal Portrait
Strength: Focus
Weakness: Background
Title: Smoke
Category: Fashion
Strength: Color / composure 

Thursday, September 6, 2018