Thursday, November 2, 2017

Best 5

The images are my top five because they are the most thought out and creatively constructed. 


The first image I grabbed resources from previous ziplock advertisements and put a spin on what I thought was a good idea. I chose to be more simple, yet differ myself from commonly packaged fruits  using chopped bananas and oddly cut kiwis. 


This digitally constructed image I began last year was genuinely meant to enter into ATPI 2017 contest. From the models, to the angles, to the careful composition, this image was a work of art. T had to create my own background, opacity and text changes. The blending modes mold this image into a unified portrait.


At first I was advised to sort the coffee beans into a dollar sign to recognize a deeper message. Then, I changed the course and redirected myself to an ad campaign. I wanted to use the Starbucks drink as the center of the photo with accents of coffee beans to present the authenticity of the fresh "made in store" selling point. Finally, I went into photoshop and researched for the font and delicately placed the logo in the negative space in the photo. 


I experimented with the chalk and time exposure one day and came across the clapping picture collection. I didn't want to make a replica of last year's picture so I made the focal point a contrast of colors (beige and black). The eye is drawn to the contrast then widened to the purple chalk. I cropped it quite small to realign the focus and clarity.


I picked up a canon macro lens with a note that said (really good macro!) and decided to test it myself. It too me at least 20 minuted to analyze and control the manual focusing on one object. Through lightroom I sifted amongst 30 images at least to find a hidden gem. The depth of field was perfect and the clarity, focus, and composition established this masterpiece of nature.