Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Contrast Photography

 The purpose of this contrast picture was to display the different tones and values of red in contrast of the white/transparent water droplets. 
 Dichotomy is described to be two parts of a whole so the purpose of this composite was to show tow parts of a person's personality. 
For negative I used the invert option on photoshop on a pair of hands on a black background. Usually hands pointing or gracefully posed are connected with Biblical references so the use of inversion negates the orthodox. 


  1. I love your negative, the idea is basic but done really strongly and the shadow makes it that much stronger. The dichotomy is super trippy and fascinating, I would love to know how you pulled it off, I would have put a little more into the concept because it is a little hard to understand.Your contrast picture it beautiful, not quite sure if I would say it is negative, but it certainly an excellent picture.

  2. I think all of these photos portray negative, contrast, and dichotomy very well. With the contrast of the rose I think the focal point of the rose fading really helps you see the tones in the rose. Maybe getting a little more of the darker edge of the rose would work as well. One thing i really like from dichotomy is the perspective that the picture is taken of in order to show thedifferent faces of the model

  3. I really like all of these photos. The negative is really interesting because of the way you made it look, it very aesthetically pleasing. The rose is also really nice, and the dichotomy as well. You also did a pretty good job on the masking. I couldn't even see any flaws until I looked closer. If there is one thing I wish was different I would say that I wish the rose image was a lot sharper or better quality. The rose image is already really awesome, with those two things it would have looked even better.